The Boutique Advantage

The world of Executive Search has changed and we are committed to the boutique approach. We believe that client service and satisfaction with the larger search firms is often lacking due to the transactional nature of the search, collect the fee and move on to the next one. The process is further compromised due to the fact that the larger the firm, the more clients are in the “off limits” category, severely restricting the pool of top notch candidates.

Proprietary internal databases and research libraries are now virtually obsolete and the emergence of online resources and social networks have further changed the nature of the business to the detriment of the larger firms...... thus necessitating the offering of more ancillary products. At Eton Partners we are not a volume shop and we only offer one service i.e. Executive Search. No Management Assessment, Leadership Coaching, Organizational Development etc. etc. We have decades of search experience in the firm. Our completion rate is virtually 100% and we have the client referrals to support it.

We Believe In:

  • A committed, hands on approach to the business
  • Total senior level involvement from start to finish. No handoffs to junior associates
  • Fast and responsive execution
  • Virtually no off limits issues
  • Flexible pricing and fee structure