About Us

Eton Partners is a retained Executive Search firm focused on serving our client base with speed, quality and value.  We pride ourselves in the ability to understand what clients need in the way of senior management skills.  We are able to translate and articulate these needs in terms of hard skill sets in combination with culture fit and leadership styles that result in successful completion of the task and satisfied clients.

The Executive Search business has changed and we have changed with it.  Our principals have decades of experience and we understand how to get the job done in today’s environment.  Successful C-level executive search requires experience, expertise, strong referral networks, leading edge research capability and a very creative approach to the process.

What makes us different?

First and foremost, we are not a volume shop.  We take pride in each individual search and we know what it takes to maintain our reputation and our quality level.

We are focused.  We understand our industry sectors and what it takes to deliver client satisfaction.  Our search process works and we keep it focused from start to finish.

Our fee system is different.  Since we are not a volume shop and since we never seem to have issues with ‘failed searches’, we are able to offer our services with a very flexible approach to fees that our clients value.

Our system is different but our goal is always the same.  We deliver a quality slate of candidates in a timely fashion and our clients are our best references.

We run a thorough, hands-on process that works.   We give our clients real options in the form of qualified and properly vetted candidates.  That is what we do and that is all we do.