Private Equity Partnership

Eton Partners + Private Equity = The Entrepreneurial Partnership

  • One of our strong focus areas at Eton Partners is the Private Equity Community. Private Equity firms require an Executive Search process that really understands the nature of the industry and the successful drivers that shape it.
  • We work at both the fund and the portfolio level and have for many years. We assist buy-out and venture capital firms in building out senior management teams for their portfolio companies.
  • We are particularly skilled at identifying and developing candidates who have previous PE experience and understand a) the entrepreneurial nature of the task at hand and b) the nuances of the PE relationship.
  • We understand the Private Equity industry and the entrepreneurial nature of it.
  • PE firms need proven management with the been there – done that skill set that goes with it.  C-Level managers that understand how to create real economic value and are able to do it quickly are highly valued.
  • At Eton Partners, identifying and developing entrepreneurial CEO’s, CFO’s and other C Level managers with PE experience is one of our core competencies.
  • We have strong working relationships with all aspects of the PE community including investment firms, legal, accounting and consulting firms and the investment bankers that service the industry.